What is Billex?

Billex is a modern debt settlement and risk management product based on the traditional bill of exchange. Billex is an authenticated international bill of exchange, which can be ordered through banks which have access to eBillex platform and can be verified online at www.ibillex.com. It is also in alignment with the UNCITRAL (United Nations Commission on International Trade Law) definition of international bill of exchange and adapted with URC 522 as in documentary collection.

What is iBillex?
What is iBillex ID?
Who are the Billex parties?
Can drawer or drawee be more than one in Billex?
How does Billex work?
How to verify a Billex?
What is difference between a public Billex or private Billex?
How can a drawee accept a Billex?
How can a drawee declare or acknowledge acceptance in Billex report?
Can a Billex be endorsed?
How to Endorse a Billex?
Can an applicant use name of a bank in an order for drawer or drawee under company section?
What is the advantage of Billex?
What are the features of a Billex?
Who may use Billex?
Who can order Billex?
Can all parties of a Billex be from the same country?
What language is recognized on Billex?
What languages are available on www.ibillex.com?
How much does a Billex cost?
Is the Billex charge inclusive of any tax or duty stamp?
Is the registration on ibillex.com free?
Can applicants edit or update their profile at any time?
What do the different statuses mean for Billex in MyBillex?
What is the My Liability basket in my dashboard?
Do you crosscheck with my bank on my Billex?
What is difference between ‘quick check’ and ‘full report verification’?
Is Billex an electronic bill of exchange?
Is Billex similar to Letter of Credit?
How secure is Billex?
Is Billex Trade Finance Corp. a bank?
What Security conditions can Billex insure?
Do you verify signatures or company stamps on a Billex?
In which countries do Billex operate?
Which currencies are supported?
Is there any limitation on a Billex amount?
Can I use decimals on Billex amount?
Can a Billex be stopped after submitting the order?
Can a Billex verification be suspended?
What is the issuing date based on?
In case of any dispute, what would the jurisdictional country?
What rule is the Billex governed by?
How can an applicant verify a Billex?
When and how does a Billex status change to lost, settled or dishonored?
Shall Billex Trade Finance Corp. be responsible for any fraud?
Why is a Billex rejected?
Why my account is suspended?
How long do you keep online records?
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